The Wines

Here’s what we are currently drinking. When we get tired of these, we’ll make something else.

They are available on draft at bars/restaurants and in four packs of 375 ml cans. If you are wondering what 375ml cans are, and you are because you’re an American, 375ml is the equivalent of 12.7 ounces. They are slightly taller than a normal 12oz can. Why do we use these rather than 12oz cans? Because the government allows us to put wine in these, but hasn’t approved 12oz cans. Don’t try to make sense of it.

UWP_White Citra_Cans.jpg

White Citra

This wine is a Riesling fermented to dryness, made in Texas with California grapes, and generously hopped with Citra hops.

The hops are all added via dry-hopping, so you'll get flavors and aroma of lychee, gooseberry, lime, citrus, and mango without any hop bitterness.

UWP_Red Simcoe_Cans.jpg


Red Simcoe is a true Cabernet Sauvignon made in Texas solely with California Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and hopped with Simcoe hops. This isn't a blend like your typical Cabernet.

The hops are all added via dry-hopping, so there isn't any bitterness, but you'll get flavors and aroma of pine, earth, and passionfruit.