While we pride ourselves on sticking it to the Somm, we care what you think. (assuming you aren’t one)

We make many different wines and try absolutely everything. Tequila-barrel-aged Chardonnay, Lavender Rose, Currant Chianti…nothing is off the table.

We know… you want to try these ideas as much as we do. We put our experiments on tap at the Cidercade where we make them. If you like one, let the bartender know. If not, you just wasted a cup that we would have enjoyed, so keep it to yourself.



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Here is what is currently on draft at the Cidercade:

White Citra

This wine is a Reisling fermented to dryness, made in Texas with California grapes, and generously hopped with Citra hops.

The hops are all added via dry-hopping, so you'll get flavors and aroma of lychee, gooseberry, lime, citrus, and mango without any hop bitterness.

Red Simcoe

Red Simcoe is a true Cabernet Sauvignon made in Texas solely with California Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and hopped with Simcoe hops. This isn't a blend like your typical Cabernet.

The hops are all added via dry-hopping, so there isn't any bitterness, but you'll get flavors and aroma of pine, earth, and passionfruit.

White Citra Pineapple

This wine is our White Citra, but with added Pineapple.